6 reasons how you are probably failing at export communication

export communication

Have you tried to contact potential partners but your efforts have ended with zero results? Check below – maybe you are making some of these mistakes in communication!

Are you communicating with the relevant person in the company?

Chances are, you are sending the information to the info email address and it is read by the secretary rather than the person actually making decisions. Try to find out who is the responsible person in the company you should be contacting regarding your specific product!

Sending emails?

You know that, for example, Purchasing Managers can receive multiple tens or even hundreds of product presentations every day, right? There is a strong chance your presentation is just one of many emails the person will not go through today (or ever). Try calling the person before sending an email!

Is your presentation short and sweet?

Make sure your product is clearly presented and your materials are up-to-date and eye-catching. Do not send long, multiple page presentations that are burdening for the potential partner – they will never look at the whole thing! Make 1-2 condensed pages with the most necessary information instead; the details you can present in person.

What about the local manners?

When you are working with a new export country, you should explore the way locals communicate. Is the greeting loud with kisses on the cheeks or your partner will be shy to barely shake your hand? Knowing the mentality of your new partner will make them feel more open to your offers and increase trust – take your time to explore not only the company but the country as well!

Do both of you speak the same language?

We mean – have you agreed on what are you going to talk about once you meet? Is it going to be an overall presentation of the company, a sample show, or discussion about prices and logistics? Meetings can go wrong when both sides are expecting different outcomes, so make sure you agree on what will be the topics of your encounter. And, of course, check if you actually speak the same language!

Are you expecting them to come to you?

It has been a few weeks after the meeting and there is still no call from your potential partners? The most important action is to follow-up with a ‘’thank you’’ email a couple of days later reminding about the meeting you had. Shortly summarise the main results and inquire about the next steps you should take in order to partner-up for sure. Ask for deadlines – do not leave the ‘’thank you’’ hanging in the air!

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