Gateway & Partners expands it network and opens a franchise in Moldova

“Our ambition is to develop partner network across markets with focus on countries with small internal market” says Martins Tiknuss, Gateway & Partners Managing Partner.

Gateway & Partners first franchise partners are in Moldova. Moldova’s economy similar to other Eastern block countries has been dependent on Russian buying power; therefore, there is a need for export market diversification. Gateway & Partners in Moldova will offer market research and sales channel development services.

“We believe that Moldova SMEs can be interesting partners for European enterprises. We still have cost effective resources, and in the same time very close proximity to Western European markets. Thanks to a good climate, our agriculture offering is rich both when it comes to fruits and vegetables, as well as to grain and honey. In some segments like walnuts, we are among top producers in the world. Gateway & Partners aim is to help Moldova companies succeed internationally.” says Cornel Coser, Gateway & Partners Moldova managing director.