The one thing you ABSOLUTELY must avoid in export business

export strategy

So you’ve finally set your mind to expanding the borders and taking your company abroad.

Good. Going global with your business is a great challenge and one that can bring you many benefits and rewards – like extending your customer base, increasing the scope of your company, and eventually boosting your overall sales and profits.

However, as you dive into international markets, there’s one thing that you absolutely must avoid.

That’s short-term thinking. And here’s why:

As an international sales consulting agency with 15 years of experience and more than 1000 success stories under our belt, we’ve noticed that entrepreneurs are often tempted to exaggerate their abilities, promising goals that can’t be achieve to achieve a better first impression. Some examples include setting unrealistic deadlines that can’t be carried out in time, or not being able to meet quality standards.

Unfortunately, this can lead to losing business opportunities and creating a bad reputation around your business.

Here’s the thing: export business is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. It takes time, effort, and dedication.

Instead, you should create a long-term business strategy with realistic goals and these three key values in mind:

  • Honesty. Set realistic expectations – being truthful is better than deluding your partners and customers.
  • Reliability. This means doing what you said you would – complete an order on time, follow up with customers, etc.
  • Execution. Achieve the promised results and goals to build credibility and become a trustworthy partner.

The bottom line here is – a stable business strategy is not built upon short-term benefits, like finding the lowest prices or turning a blind eye to standards. Rather, you should focus on maintaining your company’s reputation and avoiding any damage to it, especially if you’re working with a new partner.

And keep in mind – in business, you might be given a second chance. But you won’t get the third one.

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