Why Invest in Latvia?

All who work in export are proud of their origin country. I am not different! Besides naming foreign countries who can offer fantastic products and services, I also know where Latvia is great at. But there is always a question about investments – where? And why? Let me name 3 reasons why someone should look into Latvia?

Firstly, Latvia has a central location in the Baltics. Our transport infrastructure is one of the priorities as transit and logistics play an important role in business success. We do have the biggest airport in the region, we do have three ice-free seaports and we do have a direct railroad to East. In addition, we attract different funds for road network development in other directions. The developed infrastructure network is definitely an important advantage for any company that is willing to root their business in the European Union and Eastern markets.

Secondly, Latvia has put great efforts to provide a supportive business environment. Registration of a new company is easy and the tax system is friendly for business creation. Investors highly appreciate that reinvested profits are no longer subject to taxation; therefore, companies are able to spend more on their development. What is more, there is a chance to grow as properties for new factories and development projects are throughout Latvia. Not to mention that we do have one of the fastest Internet in the world which is a great support for any kind of business.

Thirdly, Latvia’s biggest asset is well-educated and hard-working people. The local workforce is able to come up with creative and innovative solutions and freely speak several languages. The history of Latvia has given our people a great advantage to be in the European Union, work accordingly to the certificates and mind-set of Europe but fully understand the Eastern culture.

To conclude, Latvia is an attractive destination for foreign investments; thus, do not hesitate to check it out in greater detail.

The article was written by Laura Valtere, Export Advisor