Launching a new office in Croatia

We are happy to announce the opening of our Croatia office in October 2023. It is our eleventh office in the Gateway&Partners family.

It is our mission to help companies grow internationally. Whether it’s through individual B2B export partner search and matchmaking events, new supplier search and international exhibition support, or market research, we are a trusted partner with 19 years of experience.

Our main activities cover the European markets, however, we see growing interest in the overseas markets, therefore it is important to build a strong local presence to ensure the market knowledge and quality of our applied methodology.

We are pleased to welcome Dace Ulste as our franchise partner in Croatia.

Unlocking Export Potential: A Gateway to Croatia’s Thriving Market

In the heart of Europe lies a land of stunning coastlines, rich cultural heritage, and a booming economy – Croatia. With its strategic location, Croatia has emerged as a hotspot for global trade, making it an attractive destination for producing companies and service providers looking to expand their horizons. In recent years, the country has witnessed significant economic growth, and this momentum shows no signs of slowing down. For businesses eyeing international markets, understanding Croatia’s leading export and import industries is key to unlocking its vast export potential.

Leading Export Industries: Tourism, Shipbuilding, Machinery, Food & IT industries

Croatia boasts a diverse array of export industries, each contributing significantly to its economy. One of the leading sectors is tourism taking up to 25% of country’s GDP, with its breathtaking Adriatic coastline drawing millions of visitors annually. Beyond tourism, shipbuilding is another cornerstone of Croatia’s exports. The country has a rich maritime tradition, and its shipbuilding industry is renowned for its high-quality vessels, attracting buyers worldwide.

Automobiles and Machinery form another vital export category. Croatian companies have excelled in manufacturing automobiles, agricultural machinery, and industrial equipment, exporting their products to markets far and wide. Additionally, food and beverages play a significant role in Croatia’s exports. From wines and olive oils to seafood delicacies, Croatian culinary delights are sought after globally.

Moreover, Croatia has positioned itself as a hub for information technology services. With a highly skilled workforce and a conducive business environment, the IT sector has flourished, providing software development, cybersecurity, and IT consulting services to international clients.

Leading Import Industries: Energy & Chemicals

In tandem with its robust export sectors, Croatia also has a thriving import market. Energy is a vital import sector, with Croatia relying on imports for its energy needs, including oil, natural gas, and electricity. To meet its domestic demand, the country imports significant quantities of energy resources from various countries.

Another crucial import industry is machinery and equipment. While Croatia excels in producing machinery, it also imports specialized equipment for various sectors, ensuring its industries remain technologically competitive. Additionally, chemical products are a prominent import category, catering to the needs of Croatia’s manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Opportunities for Producing Companies: Components & Green-Tech

For producing companies, Croatia offers a vast market hungry for high-quality products. With its strong manufacturing base, Croatian businesses are constantly on the lookout for reliable suppliers of raw materials, components, and machinery. Whether it’s in the automotive sector, shipbuilding, or food processing, producing companies can find lucrative opportunities by establishing partnerships with Croatian businesses.

Furthermore, there is a growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products in Croatia. As environmental awareness increases, producing companies specializing in green technologies and sustainable practices have a significant advantage in the market. Catering to this demand not only aligns with global environmental goals but also opens doors to a discerning consumer base.

Opportunities for Service Providers: IT & Consultancy

Service providers, especially in the IT sector, have a thriving landscape in Croatia. Croatian businesses are increasingly investing in digital transformation, creating a demand for IT solutions, software development, and cybersecurity services. Service providers adept at offering innovative and scalable solutions can find a wealth of opportunities in this dynamic market.

Moreover, there is a growing need for consulting services across various industries in Croatia. Businesses seek expert advice in areas such as market research, financial planning, and operational efficiency. Service providers offering specialized consulting services can assist Croatian companies in navigating complex challenges and achieving sustainable growth.

Due to the fact that Croatia is a part of Eurozone and Schengen, it is essential for exporters to get to know more about the country which has strong trade ties and traditions in the regional level but huge potential on the global stage which requires different communication and business development styles. We are glad to announce that we are opening Gateway & Partners office in Croatia, led by Dace Ulste, to ensure not only trustful and easy entry to the Croatian market for companies all around the world, but also professional and attentive support for Croatian companies to exit the home market and enlarge the export potential of the country.

In conclusion, Croatia stands as a beacon of opportunity for producing companies and service providers looking to expand their global footprint. By understanding the country’s leading export and import industries, businesses can strategically position themselves to tap into Croatia’s vibrant market. As the nation continues its economic ascent, forging partnerships and establishing a presence in Croatia can pave the way for long-term success and prosperity on the European stage.