Market Intelligence Solutions

Market Research and Analysis
Qualitative and Quantitative Customer Surveys
Market and Sales Lead Monitoring

Market Research and Analysis

Market research projects support companies with specific market insights vital for their strategic decision-making and strategy.

We will:

  • Create a market overview, discover key economic drivers and trends

  • Estimate market size, analyze import vs local production data and market shares

  • Analyze specific industry developments and competition

  • Provide Segmentation and Positioning service

  • Identify sales channels into the market and key customers

  • Carry out expert interviews, analyze statistical data and gather information from various sources

  • Compare several markets and suggest most prospective

  • Develop market reports with professional visualization and summary in presentation format

Qualitative and Quantitative Customer Surveys and Competitor Benchmarking

This service helps you to understand how your customers value your service, benchmark your offering against competition and identify the needs of potential customers.

We will:

  • Interview your potential customers to understand market needs and your fit by using Focus groups, Face to Face interviews, CATI, or CAPI methodologies.
  • Carry out interviews with your existing customers to identify your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Benchmark your offering against the existing competition
  • Recommend solutions to meet existing and new customer needs
  • Prepare a professional deliverable

Market and Sales Lead Monitoring

We gather fresh market insights into the main developments of your clients, competitors, and industry trends in your strategic markets. It helps you to stay up-to-date, take strategic decisions and act.

We will:

  • Identify which information is relevant for you to monitor on an ongoing basis – monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Gather information from local sources across several markets
  • Summarise and deliver relevant business information to you in a compact format

Market research is significant support for every business. The information obtaining and collecting of important markets for the company helps to work on further development strategy and take the right decisions for accomplishing it. Regular and systematic market research allows getting a comprehensive overview of developments in each particular business niche market, the potential actions of competitors, and preparing themselves in a timely manner for various types of market changes.

One of the most important market research methods is market analysis, which allows getting even more detailed information for market factors, opportunities, potential threats, market segments, product or service needs, customer needs, etc. Appropriate and forward-looking use of these data will help you to increase your company’s competitiveness and acquire new markets.

Market research and analysis is a service, which should be done by professionals, for which it is an everyday task. That guarantees safe and reliable results; even more, you will receive consultations and practical recommendations to improve the company’s development strategy.

Market research and analyses services include:

  • preparation of a market report, identification of key economic drivers and characteristics of market trends;
  • market volume assessment, market analysis by comparing import and domestic production volumes as well as market shares;
  • analysis of the development and competitiveness of specific industries;
  • market segmentation and positioning;
  • market research, identifying the most effective sales channels and priority customers
  • expert interviews, analysis of statistical data, and obtaining information from various sources;
  • market analysis by comparing different markets and finding the most suitable markets for the customer’s needs;
  • Preparation of market reports in a visual presentation format.

In order to understand how customers evaluate your services and what would be the needs of potential customers, we offer quality and quantitative customer surveys and competitor comparison. This is the case for additional market research.

The service of qualitative and quantitative customer surveys and comparison of competitors includes:

  • A survey of potential clients to determine their needs and the suitability of your product or service using different interviewing methods (focus group, one-on-one, CATI or CAPI);
  • Interviews with your current clients to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Comparison of your and analog competitor offers
  • Preparation of professional report.

Market research and related market analysis are a continuous process, so we offer regular market and sales potential monitoring. As needed, we can provide reporting on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Your benefit would be the latest market information about customers, competitors and market trends. This will allow you to make strategically the best decisions in both the short and long term.